Just Bein' Honest

Episode 33 : All about how to get ABS, form A+ Relationships and the importance of YOU time with Allie Hiller

Episode Summary

Allie Hiller is determined to help her coaching clients meet ALL of their goals when it comes to health and wellness. The truth comes out about how powerful the maintenance of SELF-LOVE and WELLNESS can have on the strength you commit to in the gym.

Episode Notes

Have you ever stumbled upon someone, that you may not even know - Okay, a stranger… and you instantly want to be their new BFF?!

Well, our next guest is mine. We didn’t even have to mutter a peep. I knew she was the “yin to my yang” at first sight.

This badass woman went from preschool teacher whom simply bookended her days with fitness classes - to a feisty health coach determined to make her clients meet every wellness goal they are set out upon to achieve. OH, and how can I forget, my guest has rockin’ abs to meet her streamlined physique! And LADIES (and gentlemen) if you think she built this tantalizing bod from cutting calories and skipping meals? You better think again!

The truth comes out here! OH OH OH and, if you want the secret to getting the love relationship of your dreams? She’s got the master formula for that too.

We are getting deeper than deep. Enjoy!

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Connect with Allie:

Instagram: @healthyalibi

Website: Healthy Alibi

Kiss Kiss, Hug Hug - Much of Many my little honesters!

This is True Food for Thought + I'm Just Bein' Honest... Always.

xoxo kb

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