Just Bein' Honest

Episode 32 : Ask a MAN with Jeffrey Knyal!

Episode Summary

Ever wonder what the view point is from the opposite sex? This is why we are ASKING a MAN! Here Jeffrey's thoughts and reactions on all aspects of LIFE!

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is a good friend of mine. I’m proud to say that I can count on him when I have a question about most anything: Business, Interior Design, Relationships and just plain old - LIFE!

I’m excited to share our laughter and ‘male vs. female’ point of views and the bantering that comes along. I think it’s about time we all hear the TRUTH from the “OTHER SIDE” - I’m talking about the opposite sex…

You’ll learn what “BBD” means and how it may be effecting your relationships. You’ll learn what the difference between being “Lonely” and being “Alone” really is. You’ll learn that “Balance” is simply the most vital form of measurement when it comes to scaling your happiness. AND, you’ll learn - whether you were interested or not - the etiquette of doggy dating.

Alright, enough said, let’s hear it from the man himself, Mr. Sir Jeffrey. We’re diving in deep, let’s rock this!

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Kiss Kiss, Hug Hug - Much of Many my little honesters!

This is True Food for Thought + I'm Just Bein' Honest... Always.

xoxo kb

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