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Episode 34 : Hidden Toxins and how to DETOX effectively!

Episode Summary

This episode reveals common culprits to toxicity and SIMPLE starts on how to DETOX NOW!!!

Episode Notes

Why we need to Detox. Because we live in a toxic world.

What is a “TOXIN”?
A poisonous substance causing disease when present in the body.

Everything that we are exposed to seems to be, and most likely is filled with one encounter of a chemical - even water! As living beings, we should consider ourselves visions of a scale, when we teeter one way or the other too drastically, that is when instability and “disease” occurs. Balance is important. Did you know that over 85,000 chemicals are registered in the U.S. to be used in products (even foods) that we are absorbing each and every day?

Your body is being assaulted by these disruptors leaving many of us with a number of health complaints. A vital reason as to why it is time to clean out the junk that is backing up our systems leaving us sluggish and perhaps craving sugar - only disappointing us in the end with extra pounds that feel as though they will never disappear.

There are SO many toxins that are clogging our body’s natural ability to detoxify itself - our body cannot keep up on its own.

This episode reveals common culprits to toxicity and SIMPLE starts on how to DETOX NOW!!!

Note-taking is highly recommended.


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