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Episode 130 : Why HEALTH HOUSE is more than just a workout with JONATHAN KNOPKE | #kickyourpeach

Episode Summary

What is HEALTH HOUSE and why is it more than just a workout? Y'all know that I am a sucker for a good workout that keeps my attention present, and by an inspiring and energetically infectious entrepreneur. I am here to provide BOTH of those to you, right here...right now! Let's get HONEST with Jonathan Knopke!

Episode Notes

On this Episode, number 130, of the “Just Bein’ Honest Podcast”, I am flooooooored again and again!!! Y'all know that I am a sucker for a good workout that keeps my attention present, and by an inspiring and energetically infectious entrepreneur. I am here to provide BOTH of those to you, right here...right now!

JONATHAN KNOPKE, the CEO and the co-founder with his wife, Melanie Knopke, started the first fully focused rowing studio in Kansas City in 2013. The studio mixes a vibrant routine of rowing + strength training creating the ULTIMATE full-body experience! Okay, so I havvvvve (being a KC native!) tried HH multiple times when visiting KC, but I would have never fully grasped and edged off my regimented schedule that I had so strictly plotted in my planner until this year when all hell broke loose and I took my fitness "HOME" and DIGITAL!!! Health House now owns multiple studios in the Kansas City area - REPRESENT - and now in West Hollywood - ahem, and NOW NOW NOWWW - ONLINE!!!!

I became fully committed during 2020 : ) - we all know why and babes...I am addicted! Not only is it a FREAKIN' phenomenal FULL-BODY workout, I am always dancing along side the coaches by the end of class. Plus...not one workout is the same as the last - WHAT?!!!! Unheard of! It is possible that this could be my dream-hype of a workout that doesn't leave me feeling like I got hit by a bus later in the afternoon?! Yep. It's def my vibe.

But, why did I want Jon on this show? Because... the way he grew this one little idea that he had... he asked himself, "What if?" and ahem, hands off to his wife Melanie for being the power woman alongside him - because Jon shares exactly why she was the mega force for this thriving business... : )

This is why HEALTH HOUSE is more than just a workout - enjoy as we get HONEST.

I cannot wait to see you all on the new Digital Platform with me... I dare you to KICK YOUR PEACH!!!

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