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Episode 40 : How to successfully GROW your SIDE HUSTLE with FounderMade's Meghan Asha

Episode Summary

FounderMade's creator, Meghan Asha shares how she went from corporate financier to diving in full force to pursue her side hustle! This brand of chic trade shows is paving the way for inspiring all entrepreneurs and future business mavens to become strategically successful. What is her key secret?

Episode Notes

When our next guest imagined herself as a 90-year-old woman, she didn’t see herself sitting behind the desk she had currently called, “her job”. Long hours left with little spiritual payout, triggered this born leader to begin her “side hustle”. Little did she know that this simple passion would be the key to her entrepreneurial story. She started with dinner parties, the first being in a communal gym space below her apartment building. Her goal was to lift others up and help them cultivate their, so-called “side hustles” as well.

This is how FounderMade was born. FounderMade, a company that hosts curated summits to help inspiring lifestyle brands grow. Meghan is the star of this show, I call her the “Mother” of the ship, she has created a flourishing company made off of empowering others. AND not to mention, her summits, are what I call, “The Apple Store of Trade Shows” - Clean, Crisp, Clear!

Meghan is a true leader and she does it all while training for her marathons - yes, waking up at 4:30 am to run before work!
Meghan is a giver to her friends, family and those involved in the entrepreneurial community but her main key to success in maintaining balance is to always, “Be present for yourself, first”.

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