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Episode 17 : Is FREEZE DRYING still real food? The truth with Marcus Houtsma.

Episode Summary

Is FREEZE DRYING still real food? The truth with Marcus Houtsma.

Episode Notes

Is FREEZE DRYING still real food? The truth is revealed with Marcus Houtsma.

KOYAH founder, Marcus Houtsma shares his story of "WHY" he started his freeze-drying fruit and vegetable powders. It started with his father's health:

"After having a portion of his colon surgically removed and battling through chemo-therapy to eliminate the cancer, I suggested my dad try to improve his diet by eating more whole, plant-based foods.

Being somewhat entrepreneurial, I decided to put my 6 years of experience working in the food industry towards creating a product that could help him. Something that would remove the hassle from eating fruits and veggies, but still provide him with as much of their nutrition as possible. It also had to be organic and made completely from whole, plant-based foods with no fillers, sweeteners, or “flavors” of any kind. Oh, and they had to taste good, because my dad is a picky eater!"

So, want to hear the rest of the story? How's dad doing now? How are the products making a difference in lives all across the world?

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