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Episode 91 : How to RESET your HORMONES + increase longevity with LIVER HEALTH.

Episode Summary

Naturpath, Naomi Judge explains just how to RESET your HORMONES and increase longevity - starting with the HEALTH of your LIVER!!!

Episode Notes

On this Episode, number 91, of the “Just Bein’ Honest Podcast”, I had a heart to heart and very eye opening discussion with Naomi Judge. Naomi and I talked all about how the body is lagging on natural detoxifying patterns, about hormone imbalance AND about how we can set ourselves up for longevity with just a little more liver health awareness.

Did you know that the liver is pretty much the boss of the bod when it comes to regulating the detoxifying process?

Naomi is a Naturopath and Nutritionist with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science.  Naomi spent much of her late teens and early twenties struggling with depression, anxiety, and menstrual irregularities. Instead of finding answers, Naomi was staring at yet another pillbox. Until eventually, she decided to take matters into her owns hands and go back to university and study nutrition and reproductive science. This journey led Naomi to open up her own clinic, treating women. Since then, she has helped thousands of women reach their hormonal health goals.  Naomi helps women connect the dots between their health, happiness and hormones. Enabling them to live a life of optimal vibrancy – what she calls “Your New Normal.” 

I know this episode will speak to many of you, we are all going through something. I feel that with the environment we currently live in - both mentally, physically and emotionally - it’s become quite apparent that we need to start creating a laser focus mission towards listening to our bodies.

Are you ready? Alright, let’s rock and roll.

Turn up the volume and grab your notepads, because you just turned on the “Just Bein’ Honest” Podcast.


My favorite quote from this episode with Naturopath Naomi Judge is her explanation of her “Honest Truth” being, “Balance is everything, Openness is ever healing and one must always continue to LEARN!” Thank you Naomi - That is 100% True Food For Thought!

OH, and did YOU know that the health of the MAN is equally or sometimes even MORE important during conception? There are many factors to play here - I would love to know your stories and thoughts.

To all of my JBH listeners and supporters, I hope you all got a lot of value out of this episode today, and thank you so much for hanging out with me. And if you did, please make sure to share this out with your friends and family on social media, and you can tag me @JustBeinHonestKB , I’m so grateful of your support and love to see that.

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And as always I appreciate you so much, until next time, thanks for joining in.

Please note: Remember, "Disease SPEAKS". (Disease or DIS-EASE). And ALWAYS remember to listen to your body, what is it telling you?

It’s that time to turn up the “Just Bein’ Honest” Podcast and allow me to fill you with strength and satiation!



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Kiss Kiss, Hug Hug - Much of Many my little honesters!

This is True Food for Thought + I'm Just Bein' Honest... Always.

xoxo kb

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