Just Bein' Honest

Episode 65 : How to RUN TOWARD what you truly desire.

Episode Summary

Rodolfo Young is a Man on a Mission to Inspire 1 Million Hearts. Most of us are RUNNING AWAY instead of RUNNING TOWARDS what we truthfully want. How to unveil the path toward your deepest truths.

Episode Notes

On this Episode, number 65, of the “Just Bein’ Honest” Podcast, I am joined by Master Coach and Motivational Speaker, Rodolfo Young.

With nearly 200 speaking engagements in 11 different countries, 6 books, and a growing online presence, Rodolfo is on a mission to Inspire 1 Million Hearts to live in full brilliance.

A former US Army Special Ops soldier turned motivational speaker and master coach, Rodolfo has been featured alongside today's top thought leaders in both business and personal development, including names like Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Marianne Williamson, and Eckhart Tolle.
At the height of his career, he went silent... literally, he stopped using his voice to communicate - and this is when I initially became friends with Rodolfo in Bali.

He spent two years in silent practice and developed a skill for clear and powerful expression beyond language and borders, and now gives motivational keynotes globally using his signature A.P.E. ApproachTM .

Rodolfo now works primarily with CEO's, celebrities, and top thought leaders. Through his motivational keynotes, accelerated breakthrough coaching, books and online media, he gets to inspire people globally to have powerful positive impact in their industries, professions, and personal lives.

So we start out this show with, “What do YOU want?” You just tuned in to the “Just Bein’ Honest” Podcast to cultivate your every desire.


My favorite take away from today’s episode with Rodolfo Young was that most of us are RUNNING AWAY from what we don’t want in life, instead of channelling in to and RUNNING TOWARDS what are really DO want in life… Hmmm. Think about it.

And, if you are ready to become further inspired with Rodolfo, I would like to gift you with a MONTH (for FREE) of his Brilliance Call Membership.

The Brilliance Call, is an online coaching mastermind that includes weekly Live Broadcast Masterclasses, a private community of like-minded people, 1-1 coaching via chat support 5 days a week, and a habit tracker to keep you moving in the direction you want your life to go!

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This is True Food for Thought + I'm Just Bein' Honest... Always.

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