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Episode 35 : A Holistic Skincare line that aligns your core back with Mother Nature

Episode Summary

Internationally renowned beauty therapist and certified aromatherapist knew she needed to share these gifts with the world - Thus, AMINA ADEM NATURAL SKINCARE evolved!

Episode Notes

Internationally renowned beauty therapist and certified aromatherapist, Amina Adem, sums up her philosophy of life:
Take care of the charm that is you, and you will always put your best face forward.
From Eritrea, to Ethiopia and the Sudan, then to Saudi Arabia, Amina’s journey begins in exotic places with exotic smells that often define cultures.

Though she travelled around the world, it was Amina’s education in England where her life would forever change. Amina’s extensive research and training in the field of Aromatherapy started long before it became a trend. She graduated as a Beauty Therapist in London where she discovered the magic of essential oils and herbs.

Soon enough, Amina knew she needed to share these gifts with the world - Thus, AMINA ADEM NATURAL SKINCARE evolved!

Note-taking is highly recommended.

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