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Episode 28 : The POWER of SLEEP and your hormones with Katherine Brown

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A short and sweet talk about how the POWER of SLEEP can directly influence the aging process, your hormones, and the rate at which you metabolize fat.

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A short and sweet talk about how the POWER of SLEEP can directly influence the aging process, your hormones, and the rate at which you metabolize fat.

Did you know:

The results found that subjects who slept less than six hours a night over the course of this five years had a 32% gain in visceral fat, and this is compared to those who slept for more than six hours per night, and they had 13% increase on average.

This is more than twice as much visceral fat accumulation due to sleep deprivation. Alright?

Also, did you know that Aging + Sleep are directly correlated?

I'm talking telomeres? What are TELOMERES?! Telomeres are our greatest biological marker that inform us how long we're going to live. And this is located- these are like the endcaps at the end of all of our chromosomes.

And as we age, like it gets clipped off more and more and more until our- basically our chromosomes unravel, you know? Our DNA unravels, which doesn't sound good, but there was enzyme discovered that can add length back onto those telomeres and effectively in many senses stop- halt the aging process, if not reverse it in some senses, which is really, really crazy and just fascinating stuff.

But what we discovered is that sleep deprivation is quite possibly the biggest epigenetic trigger on your aging process. It's quite possibly- sleep deprivation is quite possibly the biggest thing that will shorten your telomeres and age you faster, alright?

Sleep is the trigger that regulates your cortisol levels!

One of the very first things we see clinically when people are sleep deprived is elevated cortisol levels.

cortisol is actually a really important and valuable hormone. This is why we produce it, this is why it's an option, but the problem arises when cortisol is produced in the wrong amount and at the wrong time.

Alright? For example, cortisol is needed in order for your thyroid hormone to work, right? And your thyroid is known as like the kind of governor of your entire metabolism in many ways. Alright?

It's the master regulator of your metabolism, this thyroid gland. And thyroid hormone cannot be mobilized and utilized properly without cortisol being present. So there's that, alright? Cortisol is not all bad.

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